Hello everyone! 

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The below posts are WIP (work In Progress) posts of completed art pieces that you can now find in my Portfolio if you click the link.

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Blumfeld, an Elderly Bachelor #2

I've been trying out different colour combinations on photoshop for my Blumfeld Bird cuckoo clock illustration ready to screen print in a couple of days. Which is your favourite colour combination?

Blumfeld, an Elderly Bachelor #1

I have been working on drawings to illustrate for the narrative of 'Blumfeld, an Elderly Bachelor' an incomplete story written by Franz Kafta. The plot is about an old lonely man whom one day discovers two magical bouncing balls in his flat that continue to follow him around until he lock them in his wardrobe.

After development of ideas, I came up with the idea of illustrating a Cuckoo clock for the story. The bird representing Blumfeld, holding the key to the wardrobe, with the wardrobe doors open where the bouncy balls have been set free. 

I have decided to make the illustration as a working clock made from wood, then have the illustration screen printed on the front.

Here is the progress of my illustration so far, the outline drawing of the cuckoo clock, let me know your thoughts! 

Blumfeld, an Elderly Bachelor #3

Just another progress post! I managed to buy a metre of Pine wood for my wooden cuckoo style clock that I am making. I looked at several other types of wood such as MDF and Beech but I especially liked the look and feel of the pine. However, it did take me quite a while to choose which wood grain pattern I liked the most! Since buying the wood, I have cut out the shape of the clock. I have decided to make 2 of the same clock but in different colours. Here are the final wood cut outs!

Thirteen // 13 #3

So here is my final 4 colour screen print for my Tarot card design for my degree show number '13', I am really happy with the final piece. Let me know your thoughts!

If you would like to see the other numbers for the graduation book, then you can see them all here.

Thirteen // 13 #2

So I've been screen printing my tarot cards today and I am really happy with the outcome! It was a little out of my comfort zone not printing with pastel colours but I've really enjoyed printing in vibrant, bold colour just as much! I can't wait to create more screen prints in bolder colours just like my tarot cards!

Here are a few photos of the process of the colours, I will post the final print later this week!

Thirteen // 13 #1

Hello everyone!

I have been a little absent from my blog for the past few weeks but I've been screen printing a lot of exciting things which I can't wait to share with you! 

But for now, I've been working on an illustration for an edition in University of Lincoln Illustration graduation book. Each of the students in picked a random number from a hat from 1-47, this number is then our own little identity for our degree show in May, and it is the number that we each will be illustrating for to put into the Graduation book of numbers.

I chose the number 13!

I've had so many ideas and everything got a little crazy with my illustrations, but finally I decided on illustrating 4 tarot cards based on unlucky friday 13th symbolic ideas. Here is my client visual for the tarot cards.